Landshapes is a visual study of human existence and the relationship we have with our habitat. Using an experimental approach to styling and posing, Landshapes creates human sculptures within natural settings, asking the subject to react and move in a freeform and purely instinctual way.

The images made explore what is human or ‘man-made’ and what is ‘natural’, probing the interaction and divide between the two. At times seamless, there’s a visual synergy found that suggests one whole place, where humans are accepted as part of our intended natural environment. At other contrasting moments, that camouflage is pulled back, the human body and it’s guise rejected. Presenting to the camera two opposing powers, in flux and at odds with each other.

Rather than looking for one correct moment, Landshapes seeks neither pure camouflage nor contrast, but dances on the line between the two. Populating beaches or gnarled forests with breathing and moving human objects.

Challenging how we see the body, and provoking a consideration for our presence in this world.

A collaboration with stylist Lewis Munro.